A Network of Solutions

From the first sign of need through the eyes of a young South Sudanese
the quest for practical and sustainable solutions became a never ending journey
that has lead to the setting up of various projects that have been a labor of love
and a life long conquest for a better life for every South Sudanese.

Project Extensions

CMW Drilling Company beyond extensively and professionally sourcing for water, has inevitably extended its operations to better and more practically support and sustain livelihoods by ensuring those in the local communities are academically empowered, have access to decent healthcare, are spiritually nourished and live peaceably with one another. All these extras would be futile without the intense need and reliance on water. Clean, Fresh Drinking Water.

CMW Drilling Projects


Aweil municipality

Town: Tonj State

Population: 100,000

Access to water: 25,000

Boreholes dug: 12

Boreholes left: 20-30

Tonj State

Town: Tonj State

Population: 17,340

Access to water: 5,000

Boreholes dug: 2

Boreholes left: 8-12



Aweil Preparatory School

Town: Aweil

Area Population: 2,750

Boreholes dug: 1

Boreholes left: 3

"DO NO HARM" Approach

We initiated a “DO NO HARM” Approach, that has been very successful where all the boreholes have been drilled. CMW throughout its projects consulted with women and girls around each project drilling sites to ensure the sites were safe and secure from violence while fetching water. Project activities including assessments of water points at strategic locations and rehabilitations, and were conducted in presence of beneficiary trustees such as local community leaders, the disabled, all along taking into account the cultural norms, gender, diversity, disability and age.


• BAD ROADS – Providing clean drinking water to the vulnerable population, comes with a greater challenge of impassable roads in the deep villages of Aweil East and Aweil Centre. To counter this challenge, we first send a team to inspect the condition of roads and access the best place to position the borehole. This assessment also supports the inclusion of the community and churches in the decision-making process of the location of the borehole and arrangements to clear the roads for accessibility are done.
• LACK OF WATER for drilling on site – During Mud drilling, water is a required necessity. Some areas already lack water therefore, the drivers have to drive for hours to obtain enough water for Mud Drilling, sometimes they will drive for up to 4 hours to obtain water and drive back 4 – 10 trips to acquire the required quantity of water to complete drilling.  When water delay happens at the drilling site it might lead to collapse or failure of a borehole.
• DRY BOREHOLES – There are some areas we have had to drill twice due to dry wells. These uncertainties come with losses. It’s important to note that not all boreholes are successful with the first try.

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