In the northern part of South Sudan lies Greater Aweil with
a population of 1.2 million. Over 80 percent of the population does not have access
to clean drinking water. Polluted water and poor hygiene lead to infections
and diarrhoea, especially in children, which in turn cause or exacerbate malnutrition.
The water situation in Greater Aweil is very alarming.

Our Services

CMW Drilling Company staff are selected and sourced from the local communities within Aweil in the Northern part of South Sudan and the technical and handy men are sourced from the areas of operations thus well versed in the area where the company will be operating. The drilling team deliver high-quality and durable boreholes that will serve and operate for decades to come.


Drilling & Installation of Water Tanks, & Water System

At the borehole drilling site, the rig locates the area identified by the hydrogeologist as suitable for drilling. The drilling machine uses a bit and a hammer to penetrate the ground and rods which further push the head of the drill towards the ground. The penetration continues until the drill reaches the required depth. The drill usually passes through a water-bearing formation as it is drilling. A casing of the borehole is usually done after the required depth is reached.

Based on the client requests, we can also put up steel/plastic tanks and a water tower along with the required piping. We install a submersible pump system. The type of pump that is installed is dependent upon pump testing results which will show the depth of the borehole, the flow, and pressure of the water.


Borehole Pump Testing & Installation

A pumping test and flushing of the borehole is conducted to evaluate an aquifer by “stimulating” the aquifer through constant pumping, and observing the aquifer’s “response” (drawdown) in observation boreholes. The flushing is done to flush out the dirty water until only the clean water remains. A pumping test will give results which will assist to size the required pump. The results are static water level, pumping water level, pump set level and yield (m3/hr). This pump testing stage is important as it conducts a chemical analysis of the water to determine is suitability for use.


Borehole Repair

CMW Drilling Company also offers borehole repair services whereby boreholes that have broken down or blocked are repaired by replacing the faulty parts like the submersible pumps, GI pipes, connecting rods, cylinders, water tanks and the hand pump.

"DO NO HARM" Approach

We initiated a “DO NO HARM” Approach, that has been very successful where all the boreholes have been drilled. CMW throughout its projects consulted with women and girls around each project drilling sites to ensure the sites were safe and secure from violence while fetching water. Project activities including assessments of water points at strategic locations and rehabilitations, and were conducted in presence of beneficiary trustees such as local community leaders, the disabled, all along taking into account the cultural norms, gender, diversity, disability and age.


• BAD ROADS – Providing clean drinking water to the vulnerable population, comes with a greater challenge of impassable roads in the deep villages of Aweil East and Aweil Centre. To counter this challenge, we first send a team to inspect the condition of roads and access the best place to position the borehole. This assessment also supports the inclusion of the community and churches in the decision-making process of the location of the borehole and arrangements to clear the roads for accessibility are done.
• LACK OF WATER for drilling on site – During Mud drilling, water is a required necessity. Some areas already lack water therefore, the drivers have to drive for hours to obtain enough water for Mud Drilling, sometimes they will drive for up to 4 hours to obtain water and drive back 4 – 10 trips to acquire the required quantity of water to complete drilling.  When water delay happens at the drilling site it might lead to collapse or failure of a borehole.
• DRY BOREHOLES – There are some areas we have had to drill twice due to dry wells. These uncertainties come with losses. It’s important to note that not all boreholes are successful with the first try.

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